Sunday, September 13, 2009

starting a bread blog

There are a couple of things I want to address before starting a bread blog:

First, I should have started this bread blog at the beginning of the summer, three months ago. I have been baking bread every day, and I haven't been keeping track of what I've learned this whole time. I have beautiful pictures to share with the world, so I will start sharing them now.

Second, I am a little hesitant to start a food blog because they are so common these days! I get sick of reading the same story about green beans over and over. So, I will try to bring something new to the bread baking blog process: my point of view. Granted, other blog-writers also have this to add, but mine will be unique!

Third, my friend Nick, who does not like the fact that people value internet relationships more than human relationships, was watching me make bread one day. He said, "Hey, you should make a bread blog!" I said, "Yeah, I know! That's a great idea," only to realize that he was joking because he says people can't do anything in real life anymore without blogging about it.

Apart from transcribing my every move into the internet, I feel that this blog will help me keep track of bread recipes I make, and what I wanted to improve with each. I can also share them with all of you, blog readers, because that way someone else can profit from this knowledge. By the beauty of the internet, all of us beginner home artisan bakers will all be able to learn together!

And with that, let's begin.


  1. despite what others may tell you in the coming days, do not go see julie and julia, for the love of god. just come over and hang out with us instead.

  2. ...but I thought maybe I could bake 365 loaves of bread, one of each day of Julia Child's life in a year. You don't like this idea? It's a dream, Matt.