Saturday, September 19, 2009

cuisinternship contest

I just submitted a video entry for the Cuisinternship contest! See below. If I win, I get to spend a week learning with a famous chef in Portland, OR, and $1000. I would love to see the kitchens of the best restaurants in town and to meet all the best chefs. I could ask them so many questions! I'll hear back from them on the week of September 28th. Fingers crossed!

The recipe I filmed in the video is for beet bread. It had to be cut a lot because the video had to be at most two minutes long, so I omitted some important images. I'll post the recipe for the bread here tomorrow.


  1. It's a terrific video, Maria! Good luck!

  2. I see tus pulgarcitos!!! jaja, I think we spent to much time talking about them, I guess its because they are special. How come you never made me any bread? I guess Marta was in charge of the kitchen back then. Anyway, buena suerte, espero que ganes!