Monday, October 12, 2009

orders going wrong

Somehow every time I have an official order something goes wrong and I have to rush, repeat the recipe and try to get it right the second time. Here are my three stories so far:

1. For this one cake, I used the same ingredients as always, but I started using a Kitchen Aid. I got so excited about mixing the ingredients that I ended up curdling the milk or the butter or something in there. The dough definitely looked like it had chunks in it and it did not taste good. It was salty and odd.

2. I ran out of bread flour so I got some new one at the store, except they didn't have the one I usually use, so I bought some other, cheaper kind. I think it was all-purpose flour (although it said it was "superb for bread"), and instead of looking like puffy, shiny, formed loaves, these were just gooey blobs on the counter that stuck to everything. They tasted good in the end, but they looked so silly.

3. For beet bread, I ran out of whole wheat flour, so I used white flour. It turned out that the beet color really took over, and in the end my beet bread was so bright pink it looked like a Barbie torpedo.

The second times have worked pretty well so far, but I can't keep wasting all that time and materials. I wonder how other bakers do it. Any ideas? Is this Murphy's law, or am I just freaking out about orders? I wonder if this happens to everyone.

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