Monday, October 5, 2009

failed poppy seed cake

Sometimes, right when you need a baked good to turn out perfectly, something goes terribly wrong.

This pile of poppy seeds, which looks like a compartment full of ideal gas particles, is supposed to be a cake.

More than a cake, this is the insides of a cake.

Everything went wrong that could go wrong with this cake: I ran out of milk and had to replace it with water, the butter-sugar-egg mixture curdled with the orange blossom water, even though that's impossible, it was super salty, and the cake got stuck to the sides as if it was superglued on.


How did this all happen in one pastry when it has never happened before? Maybe it's because I'm using this new machine and I got too excited about mixing things a lot. Maybe I added the ingredients in the wrong order. Whatever it was, it did not turn out as i expected. So, I fed my roommates the old cake, and I made another cake to sell. It was the most beautiful cake I've ever made. Problem solved!

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